Welcome to the Launch page of 'GUI_NTU_Tool'

Before Launching, Please add "http://adm-global.org" in Controlpanel->Java->Security->EditSitelist

Press the 'Launch' icon to run the application

You can also download the 'Stand Alone GUI_NTU_Tool' and test it locally. Click here to Download Stand Alone 'GUI_NTU_Tool'

What is data bridging tool

The data bridging tool is developed for converting the product data in myEcoCost into an EcoSpold file, which can be widely used by most of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools in the market.
The intention of the tool is to broaden the application of myEcoCost data and promote myEcoCost framework and indicators to existing LCA or Eco-design/production software.

Why and when to use

Imaging that business user had input the relevant data of their product in the business client, the results of the ecoCost would be obtained.
But this is not enough for someone who has experience in LCA.
They will ask a question.
"Could I implement a LCA on the product without inputting the relevant data of the product into the LCA tools again?"
"Absolutely yes, you can if you use the data bridging tool."
The tool is capable to transfer these product data from the myEcoCost system into a form of intermedia file, EcoSpold, which can be used to store these data.
Meanwhile, the file can be read and imported by the most of the LCA tools for implementing the LCA.
Therefore, the demand of the business user is met.

How to use

1. The Launch Page will give you the details of what needs to be done to access the tool.
2. Once all the processes are finished, Please open the tool. Please note the file GUI_NTU_11.jar will be loaded if proper settings and permissions are given in the browser and in the java settings in Control Panel.
3. Select relevant product and company information in combo boxes (by clicking load/reload values and clear values) and input appropriate values in the blanks.
4. Click on the "Get Data From Server" and "Generate EcoSpold File". The results will be displayed in console after clicking.
5. Click "Open EcoSpold file as XML" to open the generated EcoSpold file in default browser, e.g. Internet Explorer.
6. Click "Start openLCA" to start the LCA tool, in this case, the openLCA.
7. Now, you can use import function provided by the openLCA to import the generated EcoSpold file into it to implement a LCA for your product.
As a result, the ecoCost record is transferred into LCA tool. The life cycle of corresponding product in the project can be assessed. In other words, the ecoCost record is certain to contribute to the LCA.

The Screen Shot of the "GUI_NTU_Tool" is shown below for reference...
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